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Beyond the little things

November 28, 2020

One of the most valuable practices as a software developer is to move beyond the litte decisions and focus on the bigger decisions that matter. Throughout your career you will work in many different companies, delivering different solutions, with very different teams. The goal will always be to deliver solutions in the most efficient and mantainable way.

You are better when working as one team

It may sound like a great idea to pick up a task that you feel comfortable delivering. Who else is there that could finish the job faster than you? Who could deliver it better than you? The problem with this is you are reinforcing strengths and depriving yourself, and others, of overcoming your weaknesses. A lot of devs will stay wrapped up all cosy in their comfort zone but they need to think bigger than this. A well rounded dev who can look out to opportunities to help themselves and help their team is really beneficial.

You don't know enough about building HTTP APIs? Jump on those tasks. A team mate always picks up the front-end React work? Jump on the task with them.

This is

Quality is key, code is not


Best practices, linting, and styling


Care for more than the task with your name on it


You need to code for the now but open for the future


function myFunction() {
return true;
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